Up to 6 plants (3 mature) in a secure, private location
  • Less than 1 oz. for personal use
  • Up to 4 oz. in your private residence

State laws are subject to change at any time through the decisions of higher courts, the enactment of new legislation, and other means. You may want to contact an Alaska drug crime attorney or conduct your own legal research to verify the state law(s) you are researching.


Research Links:


Alaska Law 


Official State Codes 


Possession Felony
Possession of more than 4 oz. (up to 5 years and/or $50,000)
Possession Misdemeanor
Possession of 1 - 4 oz. in public (up to 1 year and/or $1,000)
Medical Marijuana
Eligible medial marijuana patients or approved caregivers my possess up to 1 oz. of usable marijuana (up to 4 oz. in one's home) and may grow up to 6 plants (3 mature) 
  • Less than 1 oz; misdemeanor (1 year and/or $10,000)
  • More than 1 oz; felony (5 years and/or $1,000)
  • To a person under 19 who is 3 years or more younger than the seller; felony (10 years and/or $100,000)

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