Skunk Cannabis

Hybrid Combination / Indica Dominant

Skunk marijuana is well known for it’s pungent odor. First started as an indica dominate marijuana strain. Today skunk is seen as a good combination of indica and sativa. Research shows this strain has a history dating back 30 years. Skunk is considered to be one of the first hybrid results achieved in the marijuana industry. One good phenotype for skunk is always great yields. Skunk strains are well known for THC content and very low CBD content. Always sweet and stinky. Breeders have tried to eliminate the pungent smell but it’s the smell that makes it skunk weed.

White Widow Cannabis

Hybrid Combination

White Widow strain is thought to be the most potent marijuana in the world. The word white refers to the enormous amount of white crystals covering the buds. White Widow is a combination of sativa and indica leads to the finest combination of mind and body effects possible. 


Great for medical marijuana applications. Flowers take about 8 weeks to mature. The taste and smell are outstanding. The high is uplifting and energetic to most people. White Widow marijuana strain has a grow difficulty of moderate, any grower can breed this weed. Comes in regular, feminized and auto flower varieties.


The popularity of breeding potent marijuana like white widow has lead to legendary strains of weed. Familiar household names are White Rhino, White Russian, White Queen, and Blue Widow. All these strains are trophy winners. 

Ice Cannabis

Hybrid Combination

Ice marijuana strain is comprised of 50% indica and 50% sativa for the best of both genetics. Ice cannabis contains well over 20% THC levels. The original genetics began with Skunk and White Widow hybridization. Today’s Ice marijuana posses phenotypes of less branches than normal therefor leading to less foliage. You’d think less foliage means less potency but not with Ice marijuana. It posses big bud phenotypes. the flowers will get huge. 


There are many types of Ice marijuana to choose from. Breeders are adding fruit flavors to the historical heavy taste. Some of these different strains of Ice will lean toward indica or sativa dominance.

Cheese Cannabis

Indica Dominant

Cheese marijuana has genetics rooted in Master Kush and Skunk. The genetic phenotypes from these strains give Cheese marijuana a pungent aroma like a skunk weed. A very potent indica dominant weed. It can get very large if you let it grow. Great for medical ailments. Grows a shorter trichrome than regular marijuana strains. Believed to be developed by Royal Dutch Genetics in the UK with arguments for creation by Exodus in the 1980’s in the USA. Original Cheese marijuana is long gone. Today we have hybrid versions of the Cheese. A very super easy to clone strain of weed. Because of all the breeding you’ll see many shades of green. Winner of numerous Cannabis Cup events for best Indica weed.

Berry Cannabis

Indica Dominant

Berry marijuana strains have acquired the phenotypes of fruity flavors. Blueberry marijuana is perhaps the most popular strain of berry cannabis. The blueberry strains of marijuana sport other berry flavors to enhance the experience. Strawberry marijuana tickles the taste buds with that rich pungent smell. Lemon Berry marijuana let’s you know who’s in the house with a citrus and berry flavor.


Berry marijuana is mainly an indica dominant strain known to have started in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s through Thai genetics. Thought to have originated with 3 strains known as Highland Thai, Purple Thai and Afghan. Today this genetic strain is crossed with white widow mainly used for anxiety relief. Blueberry marijuana meets OG Kush weed to produce a world renowned strain called Berry Kush. Any berry flavor you can think of has pretty well been bred into marijuana. Some of these berry marijuana strains are considered excellent aphrodisiacs. There’s a new berry strain out there called Maple Berry. 

Northern Lights Cannabis

Indica Dominant

Northern Lights marijuana is an indica based plant. Some varieties carry 90% pure indica genetics. Always great to grow. Produces nice big colas. A super high thc level consistency of over 20%. Winner of best indica strain at numerous Cannabis Cup events. One of the most money making plants on earth.


Highly suited for indoor growing. Perhaps the oldest strain in the world. Indica is the name of the game. This plant is one of the most bred genetics in the marijuana industry. Northern lights marijuana will flower very fast. Always known by the giant center cola. The flavor is nice and smooth while the aroma is pungent. It is a very easy plant to grow for the indoor grower. The huge yield is a favorite of all growers. Comes in regular, feminized and auto flower marijuana strains.


Northern Lights #1 marijuana strain is one of the original indica plants ever known to mankind. The most famous of it’s hybrids is Northern Lights #5. Always an indica from day one. Used to cross breed with other strains because of the great phenotypes in the genetics. Always yields a high harvest in many ways. THC levels reach well over 20%. Renowned for the ease of growing. Never fails to impress. Great for medical marijuana users. Recreational marijuana lovers know this plant all too well.

Kush Cannabis

Kush Dominant

Indica, Sativa and now Kush joins the species of marijuana. Kush marijuana origins are traced back to Afghanistan, Pakistan and India in the Hindu Kush mountainous regions of the world. Kush was brought to North America in the 1970’s. Kush marijuana has been a solid potent weed ever since. Well bred into thousands of today’s strains. The popularity of breeding Kush marijuana into so many strains leads to making Kush it’s own species of weed.


Kush has always been sought after for it’s medical cannabis value. Because Kush marijuana carries so many breeds there are literally thousands of ailments that can benefit from Kush. From headaches to sleeping aids you’ll find Kush is your best medicine.


Hindu Kush is the oldest known form of the species. Today’s breeders have created a purple kush containing the pigmentation needed to produce the purple hues. Master kush, OG kush and white kush round out some of the more famous kush marijuana strains.

Haze Cannabis

Sativa Dominant

Haze marijuana is a sativa dominant plant. Usually has long flowering times producing huge buds. Originally bred in the 1970’s thought to be somewhere in California by the Haze brothers. Origins can be traced to India, Thailand, Mexico and Columbia. The Dutch have now put their own stamp on this strain. Usually a tall long flowering plant. The original strain is hard to find. Tons of Haze cross bred marijuana now exists. Haze is a multiple winner of Cannabis Cup marijuana events as far back as the 1980’s. Haze marijuana is unique for medical purposes. Haze can be bred with so many different strains to produce the medical qualities needed for specific ailments.


Amnesia Haze from 2004 is one of the most popular kinds of haze marijuana. Amnesia Haze won the overall Cannabis Cup in 2004 and has ruled ever since. The following year in 2005 Arjan’s Haze won the Cannabis Cup. Arjan’s Haze crossed a few different strains of haze to get these famous strains. Today’s types of haze tend to have fruit overtones for smell and taste. Miami haze has a bright orange thing going. Back in the day haze was silver, red, purple and blue.

Autoflower Cannabis

Trending Strain

Autoflower marijuana is genetically modified to be the fastest growing marijuana. Autoflower refers to the ability of a marijuana plant to change from vegetative (green leaf) state to the flowering (bud) state automatically. The plant will use age instead of the traditional shortened light hours cycle to begin flowering. Flowering is usually dependent on light cycle, fertilizer and temperature changes. Not with auto flower marijuana, it will enter the flowering stage all on it’s own.


The range of seed to harvest is generally 10 weeks producing a somewhat short bushy plant. Some types of autoflower marijuana from seed to harvest can last just over 3 months and be as tall as 5+ feet. A super autoflower marijuana can reach 10 feet tall. Regardless of the photo period there will be buds.

Feminized Cannabis

Trending Strain

Feminized marijuana refers to a genetic trait that will allow the cannabis plant to produce only female plants. Male plants can pollinate a whole grow room rendering the crop less potent. Most growers want only female plants in their grow room as they carry the highest THC and CBD levels. Feminized marijuana was created to guarantee female plants only.


This type of ganja breeding producing all female plants through planting a seed becomes desirable. However, it goes against the grain of logic that a seed won’t produce more seeds.


Arguments arise concerning the viability of feminized marijuana strains versus marijuana clones. Growers deal with hermaphrodite plants when using feminized genetics. Meaning the marijuana plant has both male and female genetics, therefore producing seeds. Planting clones usually guarantee 99% female production. Planting feminized marijuana seeds brings down the percentage guarantee. Sometimes the best way to approach an all female grow room is to buy or obtain regular marijuana seeds. From those regular marijuana seeds a definite female will be born. From that known female clones are taken. Now you’ll have a complete female grow operation.

Early Harvest Cannabis

Trending Strain

Early harvest marijuana strains that refer to how fast a plant will grow in the vegetative and flowering states. Early harvest marijuana will flower/mature in a shorter time than most any other strain of marijuana. You can plant very early in the outdoor cannabis season. You won’t have to worry about harvesting marijuana too late in a season. An excellent feature to beat the outdoor competition.

Purple Cannabis

Trending Strain

Purple marijuana gets it’s name from a chemical process that happens in the stems, leaves and flower tops. This chemical process turns the green chlorophyll color to a beautiful purple hue. For a strain of marijuana to be able to possess the purple color that particular strain must be have the genetic ability to produce anthocyanin pigments. These anthocyanin pigments are triggered during seasonal changes. They are not present in all marijuana strains. The green chlorophyll breaks down during that time. Then a scenic purple hue shows through. It’ll show through the stems, leaves and flower tops.


Purple marijuana is thought to be indica dominan, however, sativa hues are increasing. Purple haze could be the most famous of the purple marijuana. Grand Daddy Purp is the most famous of the purple marijuana breeders. The GDP company has the famous Purple Kush. GDP genetics get used extensively to produce other purple marijuana strains. Purple Trainwreck is one of the most famous of the utilized GDP genetics.

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Hybrid Cannabis Strains

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