Types of Cannabis

The cannabis industry is filled with different names of many strains. Popular types include: Purpose Haze, Granddaddy Purp. Different types of cannabis are grown for different types of effects such as relieving chronic pain and anxiety or delivering a europhic feeling.


There are three major cannabis strains:  Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid.



The Sativa plant requires sunshine to produce buds and is usually grown outdoors. It is an annual with both mail and female plants. Grassy odor, provides a boost in energy, gets creative juices flowing, experience sense of well-being, used to help with depression



Indica is grown indoors. It's leaves are broader and spread wider than the Sativa plant. Pungent sweet or sour odor, provides relaxation and is used to control seizures and manage chronic pain. Used in the evening to relax and help you sleep. It is effective at reducing back pain and headaches due to its effect on muscles.


Hybrid Strains


Growers combine two strains into hybrids that combine the effects needed. For example, if you suffer from chronic pain but must stay alert you can use a strain with strong components in Indica and minor elements from Sativa to remain active.


More information on hybrid strains


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