Cooking Advise From 420 Chef

Like many people who endeavor to eat their cannabis, the telltale taste of the plant becomes an obstacle to the full culinary experience.

The key to cooking a cannabis-infused meal that tastes like the meal rather than the cannabis, according to the 420 Chef, is making a perfect butter or oil.

To make a pure cannabutter, take out the plant matter, extract the THC and CBD into the butter or oil. You can use it like you would any other butter or oil. See Ganja Gourmet for great receipes.

Edibles are really all about dosing, and that’s the biggest issue you have right now, according to the 420 Chef. If you go to a dispensary and buy an edible, that edible is going to be between 25 and 150 milligrams. If you love cookies, and you buy a 100-milligram cookie, you’ll only be able to take a tenth of that cookie as a dose.

When you purchase edibles In a dispensary, you don’t know what you’re getting, according to the 420 Chef. You don’t know the strain - is it sativa heavy or indica heavy. You don’t know what it’s going to do for you - is it going to make you relaxed and couch locked or focused and creative.


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